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Do the Screens need much maintenance?

  • From time to time your screens may need some attention, especially in high use areas. If you notice that your screen is not operating like it did originally please perform recommended maintenance tips.

Who do I contact for service?

  • Please contact the dealer who you purchased from that installed the screen. Please ensure you retain and provide a copy of your original invoice for any warranty related claims. Any troubles please contact our offices.

Can the retractable screens be repaired?

  • Yes, they can. Even though the screens are very durable and professionally built and installed, accidents do happen. Please contact the local dealer who you purchased from to service. If the only damage is the screen mesh itself, most likely you will need a re screen and no need to purchase a new retractable screen.

Can I remove or repair the screen myself?

  • We recommend you contact the local dealer who you purchased to remove or repair the screen. If you attempt to modify, repair or remove the screen from original installation it may result in damage and a potential void in the warranty.

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